Buying Services

 Recycle Recycle !!  If you have some New or Used  Building Materials for sale …..

You can email us a picture and details ([email protected]) so we can give you an

idea of what they are worth.  It could be a house, an office or completion of a renovation project.  We are always interested in giving you a quote.

Call Greg our Salvage Manager at

604 819 9004


Contact him through email

[email protected]


You can always email us a picture/description at [email protected] to get a close guess-estimate.

You can also stop by (or call 604 792 7322) as we will consider most goods for purchase or donation.

We will often pay for :

  • Wood Windows with Wooden Panes in Window
  • Vinyl Windows (5 years or newer)
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets
  • Interior and Exterior Paneled Doors without Frame
  • Interior and Exterior Doors with Frames
  • Closet/Bifold Doors Paneled or louvered
  • Railings and Gates

Items you can DROP OFF for Recycle

  • As a Service to the public we offer a free scrap metal drop off within business hours only .
  • These items could include : metal bathtubs, hood fans, steel shelving, old Appliances (except Fridges).
  •  We Never Ever Ever buy appliances off the public  —  sorry — Just our policy we get then off of our own jobsites
  •  Hot Water Tanks (We do not resell any hot water tank brought in by the public these but can dispose of it for you)
  •  Furnaces (As above we do not sell furnaces from the public)
  •  Lighting (Some lighting we pay for)
  •  Ceramic Tiles
  • Aluminum Windows

Items We are NOT interested in

  • Mirrors or Glass Without Frame
  • Paint (New or Used)
  • Drywall
  • Furnishing
  • Lumber

As a business we Reserve The Right to Refuse Products under our discretion.