About Us

The New Way to
  • recycle.
  • renovate.
  • buy used.

What We Do

We divert reuseable building materials from the waste stream and offer them to the public at significant savings. We also offer a large inventory of new windows and doors. Salvaged materials come from structures such as; houses, hospitals, schools and apartment buildings.

How We Do It

We use our vast network of contacts to locate buildings that are, for whatever reason, being torn down and buy resulting salvageable materials of value. We then transport, grade, categorize and inventory these materials at our retail location in Chilliwack and offer them for sale to our valued customers.

Why We Do It

We love to give new value and purpose to whatever can be salvaged from buildings at the end of their useful lives. Every day is different with inventory continuously changing. Sometimes, surprising and historical memorabilia shows up, adding to our fascinating ’Museum’ collection of local artifacts.

Our History

In 1947, grandad Jack Pearson saw an entrepreneurial opportunity to get in on the post-war Vancouver building boom. In those days, building demolition was done by hand and any materials reclamation required a lot of hard manual labour. From such humble beginnings, a recycling tradition was born. Located in Burnaby, sons Ron and Jack took over in the mid-1970s. Then in 1986, with Expo ’86 rejuvenation of the Vancouver waterfront underway, the Chilliwack location was acquired mostly for the purpose of material storage and in 1989, grandkids Ron (Surrey) and Ronita with husband Jason (Chilliwack) became the third generation of recycling pioneers. Since then, Ronita and Jason have earned the trust of ‘Chilliwackers’ to provide great new and used building materials at great prices.

Unique Recycled Building Materials

Amazing Cost Savings from New

Large Selection of New Windows and Doors

Our Mission

To provide British Columbians with excellent customer service, great value, a competitive business environment and ethical responsibility.

Core Values

  1. Excellent customer service.
  2. Excellent customer service.
  3. Excellent customer service.

Okay, that and...

  1. Commit to resource sustainability and acting in an environmentally friendly way.
  2. Provide customers and employees with a safe, fun, friendly and productive place to do business.
  3. Operate with honesty, integrity, optimism and respect in every way
  4. Be a positive influence in our community and benefit to our fellow citizens.

Some Of Our Staff